Thursday, August 18, 2016


Her name was Sara. She told me all of her dreams were in black and white and there were never any stars in the sky. She said that her heart was an empty box still waiting to be filled.

She said that we evolved from nothingness just to create love. And I believed everything she ever said.

The universe sent her to me when I was falling into my own sadness like a warm ocean wave. She blew into my life like some mythical force of nature that could never be owned or controlled. A reverse tornado. Instead of wrecking everything in her path, she put all of the broken things back together again.

When she moved through the world she changed everything.

She said, "We are all just conduits for someone's unused heart, so we should probably make out." 

And her eyes were pale blue fire and her lips were a maze where I am lost forever.

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