Friday, December 31, 2004

The Fire Never Understands The Spark

The city is deserted. It’s just you and me and the ghosts. We are walking hand in hand. The night is cold and quiet. I can see your breath when you talk.

You say, “Do you think we’ll always be this happy?”

I say, “No. We’ll be even happier.”

You know I’m full of shit, but you don’t call me on it. We don’t get many moments like this. Right now nothing is wrong with the world. Tomorrow everything will be different, but tonight we are inseparable.

You lean against me and hold me just as tight as you can. You put your cold nose against my neck and you laugh. I smile and squeeze you until you squeak.

Overhead the moon reflects the light of an unseen sun. The stars send their song from millions of light years away.

I find myself wishing I could capture this. In a few weeks, it will just be another memory. You will be gone and I’ll be alone with everyone. But there’s nothing that will do this any justice. No song, no story, no fucking poem will ever make anyone feel what I feel right now. There’s just no reproducing this.

There are some things you can’t hold onto. They fade away like shadow and mist.

I tell you I love you and I mean it more than I’ve ever meant it. You look up at me and smile.

You say, “I could marry you.”

We sit down on a bench by the ocean. A cloud passes over and we are shrouded in darkness. We listen to the sound of the water splashing against the sand, too big to ever be held completely.

I put my arm around you and hide my face in your soft hair. It smells like fruit.

You say, “How much do you love me?”

I say, “Oceans.”

A gull cries in the distance. A cold breeze blows across the empty beach. The clouds roll past and I see your face in the moonlight. Goddamn, you are beautiful. I wonder how someone could be so fucking beautiful.

You kiss me and I am lost forever.